Use Rowing Machines for Exercising

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Rowing machines or rowers are a kind of fitness equipment that has recently been introduced. They are capable of providing a host of benefits and it is no wonder that they are getting to be increasingly popular. They are said to give your entire body a good workout not forgetting the core muscles. You can make use of one of these good rowing machines not only for a cardiovascular session but for resistance training as well. If you use a rower in your exercise routine then there are quite a few benefits to be had so read on to learn more.


Rowers give you a good exercise motion without impact which is ideal for people who are suffering from joint problems. One can alter the exercises with the rowing machines for cardiovascular sessions and strength training. They are good for a whole body workout. If you are in search of exercise equipment for your home, then your best choice would be a good rower. There is a wide variety to choose from and you can pick one as per your exercise goals. Most of these machines are also very compact and are good for home use.


One good thing about the rowers is that they can be used for home exercises by any member of the family as per their convenience. You can adjust these rowing machines for resistance according to the size and height of the people and they are easy to use as well. And since the exercises are of the non impact kind, people with joint problems too can use them with ease and hence they have become the most desirable kind of fitness equipment today.


If you are looking to buy one of the rowers then you might want to think of where you will store it. Some rowing machines are about six feet long and can be either folded away or kept under the bed. Make sure that you have appropriate flooring or you might end up damaging the carpet or other kind of floor surface that you might have.

Rowers are said to be very beneficial for those you want to lose weight by burning calories, build strength, improve stamina and enhance cardiovascular fitness. Many a time rowing machines are also used for rehabilitation in case of injury to joints, muscles and ligaments.


Rowing machines come in four different resistance types; air resistance, water resistance, piston resistance and magnetic resistance. The air and water resistance rowers are the most popular ones although they cost a little more; but then they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Today, with the advanced Internet technology that we have, you can get a better deal if you shop online; there is a lot of choice and you can see the pictures and videos of the items before you decide to buy them which you can do from the comfort of your bedroom.

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Use Rowing Machines for Exercising

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This article was published on 2011/05/05